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Upon a map of dreams unfurled,

Lies a world that calls to the innermost soul,

Wanderlust's fire, an eternal burn,

Ignites a yearning that makes hearts churn.

Mountains tall and oceans wide,

A tapestry of cultures waiting to be tried,

Wanderlust whispers, "Come explore,

There's magic out there, forevermore."

Footsteps left on untrodden sand,

A journey to a far-off land,

The scent of spices in foreign air,

Wanderlust beckons, inviting to dare.

Through bustling streets and silent glades,

In each adventure, a story cascades,

New faces, new languages, a sensory feast,

Wanderlust's promise, an unending lease.

The stars above, like guiding lights,

Lead the traveler through endless nights,

Seeking not just places, but a change within,

Wanderlust's journey is where life begins.

With every sunrise, a chance to be free,

To roam, to wander, to just be,

Embrace the unknown with arms open wide,

For in wanderlust's dance, we find ourselves beside.

So let the compass of your heart be your guide,

With wanderlust as your faithful stride,

Discover the world, both far and near,

And in every corner, let your soul premiere.

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