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tuesday nights

In the quiet of the evening's embrace,

When stars twinkle with celestial grace,

A tale of love unfolds its gentle might,

As we bask in the warmth of Tuesday nights.

Hand in hand, our souls intertwine,

In this cosmic dance, love's design,

Whispered secrets, hearts beating fast,

A symphony of love, destined to last.

Under the moon's soft and tender glow,

Our love, like a river, begins to flow,

We paint our dreams with tender strokes,

As Tuesday nights reveal the love we evoke.

In the presence of love, time stands still,

Every moment cherished, a precious thrill,

With laughter and joy, our spirits ignite,

Filling our Tuesday nights with pure delight.

As we share our thoughts, hopes, and fears,

Love's gentle touch wipes away all tears,

In each other's arms, we find solace true,

For Tuesday nights belong to me and you.

No matter the worries that daylight brings,

On Tuesday nights, love forever sings,

Wrapped in each other's arms so tight,

Together we find solace, till morning's light.

Oh, Tuesday nights, a love's sweet affair,

Moments we treasure, beyond compare,

In your embrace, our hearts take flight,

Love blooms eternal, on Tuesday nights.

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