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solitude's embrace

In solitude's embrace, I find my peace,

A gentle balm for wounds that never cease.

Alone, yet not abandoned or forlorn,

A symphony of thoughts in quiet morn.

The world outside may rush and spin,

But here, a tranquil space to look within.

Embracing solitude, a cherished friend,

A journey to the self with no clear end.

The whispers of the trees, a soothing song,

As daylight's tender fingers stretch along.

No need to mask emotions, play a role,

In solitude, I'm free to be whole.

The canvas of the mind becomes my art,

A realm where passions flow and slowly start

To weave a tapestry of dreams and thought,

Unburdened by the chains that world has wrought.

So let the bustling world continue on,

While I, in solitude, am never gone.

A sanctuary for my heart and mind,

In solitude's embrace, true solace find.

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