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In the depths of the night, where shadows conspire,

A symphony of stars, a celestial choir,

The moonlight cascades in a silvery stream,

Awakening dreams from a nebulous dream.

Beneath the surface, where secrets reside,

A world of emotion, where heartstrings are tied,

The ocean of feeling, profound and wide,

In its depths, our fears and desires collide.

In the caverns of thought, where wisdom takes root,

The echoes of ages, a timeless pursuit,

Ideas unfurl like the wings of a dove,

In the deep recesses of the mind, they rove.

Within the human soul, a labyrinthine maze,

A tapestry woven in mysterious ways,

The past and the future, intertwined and vast,

In the deep recesses of self, we're cast.

And when the night yields to the dawn's first kiss,

In the depths of our souls, we find inner bliss,

For in the profound, in the hidden, the true,

We discover the depths of what it means to be you.

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