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Beneath the azure sky so wide,

I ventured where the waves collide,

With trembling heart, I took the leap,

Into the ocean, secrets to keep.

The salted breeze embraced my skin,

As I embarked on this watery whim,

A world unknown, beneath the blue,

Where mysteries and wonders grew.

The water's touch, both cool and kind,

Caressed my body, eased my mind,

Each ripple whispered tales untold,

As I swam through liquid gold.

Beneath the surface, a world did unfold,

A kaleidoscope of colors, a sight to behold,

Coral gardens swayed with grace,

Inhabitants of this sacred place.

Fish of every shape and hue,

Danced around in a vibrant queue,

In the ocean's vast, uncharted sea,

I found a world that set me free.

The waves, like a gentle lullaby,

Sang to me as I soared up high,

Saltwater kissed my eager lips,

As I swam with the ocean's gentle quips.

The sun above, a radiant sphere,

Cast its warmth and banished fear,

In that moment, I felt reborn,

In the cradle of the sea, I was sworn.

To swim in the ocean, my heart's desire,

To dance with waves and never tire,

For in that moment, so pure and true,

I found my soul in shades of blue.

So, let me swim in the ocean's embrace,

Feel the tides in a timeless chase,

For the first time, and evermore,

The ocean's love, I'll always adore.

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