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In a sea of faces, I stand alone,

Lost amidst the crowd, a heart of stone,

A whisper in the cacophony of voices,

Seeking solace in life's endless choices.

Each person, a ship with a course unknown,

Their sails unfurled, their destinies sown,

Yet I drift, adrift in this vast expanse,

A soul unseen, caught in a mystic dance.

The waves of humanity, they ebb and flow,

But I'm a castaway, with nowhere to go,

I long for a lighthouse to guide my way,

To break this darkness, bring forth the day.

I yearn for connection, a kindred soul,

To make me feel complete, to make me whole,

But in this sea of strangers, I am but a ghost,

Lost in the crowd, a ship without a coast.

Yet still, I'll keep sailing, through the unknown,

Hoping someday I'll find a place to call home,

For even in this sea of people, so vast,

I'll hold onto hope, and this too shall pass.

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