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Open Letter To My Husband

Dear Justin,

As I sit down to write this open letter to you, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love. I am incredibly lucky to have you as my husband, my partner, and my best friend.

From the very beginning, you have always been there for me. You have supported me through every challenge and celebrated every success. You have been my rock, my shoulder to lean on, and my sounding board when I needed someone to listen. I am constantly in awe of your unwavering patience, kindness, and generosity.

But what really stands out to me is the way you take care of me when I am sick. Whether it's my typical stomach problems, another dislocated joint, or a simple cold, you never hesitate to drop everything and be by my side. You bring me tea and soup, fluff my pillows, and hold my hand when I need it most. You even lay in bed with me, just to keep me company and make sure I feel safe and loved.

And it's not just when I am sick. You always take care of the little things, too. You do the chores that I hate without complaint, and you always make sure that I am comfortable and happy. You support me in everything I do and dream, and you never judge or criticize me.

Justin, you are literally perfect. You are kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I am so grateful to have you in my life. I love you more than words could ever express, and I hope that this letter serves as a small token of my appreciation for everything you do.

With all my heart,


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