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In the realm of heart's sweet mystery,

A tale of love, I shall now decree,

For love, a force that binds our souls,

In its warm embrace, our hearts it controls.

In love's tender grip, we find our way,

Through the darkest night, to the light of day,

It's a symphony of emotions, a vibrant song,

A journey of hearts, where we all belong.

With every beat, our hearts do sing,

In the presence of love, on the eagle's wing,

It soars to heights, where dreams take flight,

In the arms of passion, our souls ignite.

Oh, the beauty of love, so pure and true,

It paints the sky with a heavenly hue,

In the depths of its ocean, we long to dive,

For in love's sweet waters, we feel alive.

It's the gentle touch, the softest kiss,

A moment of bliss, sheer and utter bliss,

In the warmth of a smile, a knowing glance,

Love dances with fate in a timeless dance.

With love, we conquer mountains high,

And through the storms, we still can fly,

For love is the anchor in life's rough sea,

Guiding our ship to where we should be.

In the laughter shared, in tears we weep,

In the secrets kept, our love we'll keep,

Through trials and tribulations, we'll endure,

For in love's embrace, we find our cure.

It's a fire that burns, yet never consumes,

A star in the night, a rose that blooms,

In the depths of our souls, it finds its place,

A treasure we hold, an eternal embrace.

So let love be the map that guides your way,

Through the labyrinth of life, come what may,

In love's sweet journey, we find our fate,

For in the arms of love, it's never too late.

In love's gentle breeze, we find our ease,

In the warmth of its sun, we're at peace,

With every heartbeat, with every breath,

In the sweet surrender of love, we find our death.

But fear not the end, for it's not goodbye,

In the tapestry of love, we'll forever lie,

A story of passion, eternally told,

In the boundless love, our hearts enfold.

So let love be your guide, your North Star,

No matter how near or how far,

In the symphony of love, let your heart play,

For in the journey of love, forever we'll sway.

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