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Ink and Paper

Ink flows like a river, a steady stream,

Upon the parchment, like a vivid dream,

A love affair with words, profound and deep,

In the world of writing, my soul takes its leap.

The pen, my trusty partner, poised and ready,

To dance upon the canvas, steady and steady,

Each stroke a testament to thoughts untold,

In the language of the heart, my stories unfold.

In the silence of night, or the break of day,

I find solace in words, as they light my way,

They weave a tapestry of emotions and delight,

In the realm of writing, I find endless flight.

Characters come alive, within my mind's embrace,

Their voices and stories, I eagerly chase,

Through trials and triumphs, they guide my hand,

As I craft their world, like grains of sand.

The love of writing, a flame that never wanes,

A sanctuary of solace, through joy and pains,

Ink on paper, a sacred bond we share,

A love so profound, beyond compare.

So I'll continue to write, with passion and grace,

In the boundless expanse of this written space,

For the love of writing, forever I'll hold dear,

A lifelong journey, with every word sincere.

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