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To my dearest mother, so kind and so true,

I pen this verse with all my love for you.

Through life's journey, you've been my guiding light,

A beacon in the darkest of the night.

Your love is a river, deep and wide,

A constant flow that never subsides.

In your embrace, I find warmth and grace,

A sanctuary, a comforting place.

With every smile and every caring touch,

You've shown me the meaning of love so much.

Through laughter and tears, you've been by my side,

In your tender love, I forever confide.

You've taught me lessons, both big and small,

And nurtured my dreams, encouraging them all.

Your wisdom and strength, an endless supply,

In your loving presence, I'll always rely.

So on this day, with gratitude and cheer,

I celebrate you, Mom, so dear.

For you are the heart of our family tree,

The epitome of love, for all to see.

Though words may falter to truly express,

The depth of my love and thankfulness,

Know that in my heart, you'll always be,

The most cherished of treasures, eternally.

So here's to you, Mom, with love so grand,

In this poem, my heart, I hope you'll understand.

You are my rock, my guiding star,

Forever and always, no matter how far.

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