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To my father, strong and true,

This heartfelt poem I write for you.

In your presence, I find my guide,

A source of strength, forever by my side.

Through the years, your wisdom shared,

Lessons of life, showing that you cared.

With every challenge that came my way,

You helped me navigate, come what may.

Your laughter and love, a precious gift,

Through all life's storms, you've helped me lift.

You've been my hero, my role model too,

In all that you are, I see virtues anew.

In your embrace, I've found my home,

A place of comfort, no matter where I roam.

Your dedication and love, a shining light,

Guiding me through both day and night.

So here's to you, Dad, with love so deep,

In this poem, my admiration I'll keep.

You are the anchor, the steady hand,

In your presence, I'm forever grand.

Though words may fall short to truly convey,

The love and respect I feel today,

Know that in my heart, you'll always reside,

My beloved father, with unwavering pride.

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