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Enthusiasm, the fire within,

Igniting a passion, a burning desire to begin.

A surge of energy, a spark of zeal,

A force that propels, that makes everything real.

It's the fuel that drives us, the wind in our sails,

It's the belief in ourselves that never fails.

It's the voice that whispers, "you can do it",

The spirit that never gives up or quits.

Enthusiasm is contagious, it spreads like wildfire,

It's the light that shines, the hope that inspires.

It's the willingness to take risks, to go the extra mile,

It's the courage to dream, the strength to smile.

Enthusiasm is the power to create,

To build, to innovate, to change our fate.

It's the joy that comes from doing what we love,

The satisfaction of accomplishing, rising above.

So let's embrace enthusiasm, let it fill our hearts,

Let it guide us, inspire us, set us apart.

For with enthusiasm, we can do anything,

We can conquer the world, we can make our hearts sing.

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