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Embrace of Comfort

In shadows deep, where moonlight softly gleams,

A refuge found, where solace fills our dreams,

In comfort's gentle arms, we find our peace,

A soothing balm, as worldly cares decrease.

The gentle touch of a familiar hand,

A whispered word that helps us understand,

In moments frail, when troubles seem so vast,

Comfort arrives, a refuge unsurpassed.

Like a cozy blanket on a winter's night,

Or laughter shared 'round a flickering light,

In comfort's embrace, we feel secure,

With every worry, every fear, made pure.

A mother's hug, a father's loving gaze,

A friend's embrace on life's bewildering maze,

In comfort's tender grace, we all belong,

A harmonizing force, forever strong.

Through trials and tribulations, we'll endure,

For comfort's grace is steadfast, ever sure,

In times of storm, it guides us through the night,

A beacon shining with its gentle light.

So let us cherish comfort's warm embrace,

And hold it close in every trying space,

For in its arms, we find our strength anew,

A wellspring of resilience, tried and true.

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