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In realms of pure and boundless delight,

Where joy takes flight in the softest light,

There blooms a feeling, sweet and true,

Elation's embrace, a sky so blue.

It dances within like a butterfly's wing,

A melody of happiness, let your heart sing,

With every beat, it soars and sways,

In the symphony of life's happiest days.

A whisper of laughter, a radiant smile,

Elation's magic, all worries beguile,

In moments of triumph, when dreams take flight,

We bask in its warmth, in its golden light.

It's the laughter of friends on a summer's day,

The crescendo of love in a lover's play,

In the beauty of nature, so vast and grand,

Elation's caress, like soft, warm sand.

With open arms, it welcomes us near,

Banishing darkness, erasing our fear,

Elation, a beacon, in the night's darkest hour,

A radiant star in life's wondrous bower.

So cherish this feeling, let it shine bright,

In the tapestry of life, it's a guiding light,

Elation, a treasure, forever to hold,

In the story of your life, a love story told.

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