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Echoes of Eternity

Amidst a world of vibrant hue,

Where skies embrace a boundless blue,

I'll weave a tale in lines of rhyme,

A fleeting moment captured in time.

Upon the canvas of nature's grace,

The sun and moon engage in chase,

Their dance across the heavens high,

A cosmic waltz across the sky.

Stars like diamonds softly gleam,

In midnight's velvet, a splendid dream,

Whispering secrets from afar,

A celestial ballet, a shining memoir.

Beneath the canopy of ancient trees,

Whispers ride upon the gentle breeze,

Leaves that rustle, waters that flow,

Nature's symphony in soft echo.

Mountains stand with timeless might,

Their peaks crowned with ethereal light,

Guardians of lands, silent and bold,

Legends in stone, stories untold.

In fields of flowers, colors unite,

Petals unfurl in the morning light,

A fragrant chorus, a tapestry spun,

Life's intricate threads, each one undone.

Oh, the beauty that this world bestows,

In every breeze and bloom that grows,

A poem written in Earth and sky,

A masterpiece that never says goodbye.

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